Interior Design publishes Johns Hopkins APL Building 201

Johns Hopkins APL

April 18, 2023

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We are proud to share Interior Design has published the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Building 201 as part of its April 2023 issue. Read the full article here.

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Building 201 is a veritable wonderland for scientists, boasting cutting-edge tools, equipment and laboratories that push the boundaries of research and development. Whether unraveling the mysteries of the universe, pioneering new materials, or confronting complex national security challenges, Building 201 equips researchers with everything they need to explore new frontiers.

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As visitors step into the building, eyes are immediately drawn to the sight of natural light pouring into a four-story atrium, illuminating every corner with a warm glow. Seven steel-framed bridges span across the atrium from the gallery corridor to the north wing, connecting people and ideas from different levels and departments. Five monumental stairs link the bridges, providing a physical manifestation of the connections that are being made.

Across the interiors, architecturally exposed concrete is a common theme, serving to further the goal of expressing the science behind the design. The building's design not only promotes collaboration and innovation but also showcases the beauty and functionality of science and architecture coming together in perfect harmony.

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Our design team emphasized the new building should itself be an embodiment of the important physics research that will take place within its walls. The building’s overall design promotes scientists’ interaction through openness, transparency and visual connectivity; leverages workplace strategies to integrate lab and office environments; and helps to increase connections to the university and outside industries.