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Campus Life

campus life

Dialogue, discussion, communication and collaboration are the hallmarks of CannonDesign’s approach to campus life.

We believe buildings and spaces are essential tools for achieving a vision for the future. We believe in honoring the past and engaging the present to create memorable environments for current and future generations.

Campus life can be a destination and traffic generator, but the facility should also respond to the patterns of student life and embrace campus and students — creating a place to be, to meet, to see and be seen.

We study existing circulation patterns, current and planned use of campus buildings and proposed campus development guidelines to see where the opportunities are for entrance, connection, interior and exterior spaces that will create an environment unique to each campus.

Our process is visual and engaging, going beyond plans and diagrams with 3-D models, sketches and illustrations so that all project constituents can clearly understand and contribute to the conversation. By inviting participation and building consensus, we create student-focused environments that meet and achieve the campus community’s goals and aspirations.