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Campus Master Planning

Campus Master Planning

Master planning for a 21st century campus is no longer simply about traditional land-use planning, zoning and place-making.

Today’s campus planning shapes roadmaps for institutional change with intellectual and economic vitality at its core.

The new educational ecology embraces integrated, multi-disciplinary learning linked to industry and outcomes. In defining long-term strategies for the physical campus growth, we must plan for organizational evolution and flexibility to facilitate innovative learning models. Key drivers in planning include enrollment projections, fiscal stewardship, brand distinction and environmental sustainability. Increasingly, partnerships among educational institutions, governments and businesses also enhance the university’s role in leveraging regional human capital and economic resiliency.

Over the past decade, we have created plans for entirely new campuses in Korea, India, the Middle East, Turkey and North America. Our recent work focuses on re-shaping, re-imagining and expanding existing institutions to become powerful centers for the creative exchange of ideas and innovation.

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Bridget Supplitt

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