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Community Colleges

These colleges have evolved to create new synergies with regional partners, industry and four-year schools through transfer agreements – becoming vibrant hubs of aspiration, diversity, immersive learning and workforce training for nearly half of American undergraduate students.

The college experience enhances the educational, economic and cultural vitality for a region by providing exemplary learning opportunities to a diverse community. These institutions serve a highly diverse student population with distinct needs, providing the flexibility and affordability to place an individual’s educational and career goals within reach. For many non-traditional students – adult learners, veterans and students whose first language is not English – community colleges provide a gateway to education goals; more than a third of students are the first generation of their families to attend college.

To meet the needs of a knowledge-based society, today’s regional colleges transform learners to be effective as part of a global workforce. Innovative initiatives are creating successful pathways through partnerships with industry, training and research. We are at the forefront of these changes helping realize the college’s impact on a community and industry.

Together, we create design solutions to the greatest challenges facing our clients and society.