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Libraries and Learning Spaces

Libraries and Learning Spaces

Dynamic forces are shifting the 21st century educational landscape, with the library’s campus role becoming even more critical.

Libraries and learning spaces now function as intellectual conveners in an increasingly digital, searchable, global, collaborative and interdisciplinary world. Our library and learning spaces are rooted in strong client engagements and deep experiences, imparting lessons learned and leading-edge trends from successful academic library projects.

The role of the academic library is changing and evolving.

Each library provides a unique opportunity to serve today’s needs, and those of future generations. Highly diverse buildings — whether new structures reflecting the latest learning trends, or renovations respecting institutional legacies with enhanced digital assets — require balancing academic aspirations, financial resources and campus context.

Today’s library must be both a catalyst to celebrate discovery and a platform for creating new knowledge.

A great library does more than provide information access. It energizes and enables its users to explore, experiment and create. As a learning and innovation center, a library can be a robust hub of engagement within a campus community, and demonstrate an institution’s commitment to enhancing knowledge.

We approach library projects by balancing broad strategic questions that anticipate future needs while creating compelling solutions grounded in today’s tangible issues.

In a world where information is abundantly all around us, a great library works with its users to navigate, share experiences, make connections and find meaningful value.