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Pre K-12

Pre K-12

Designing to transform 21st-century teaching and learning.

Today’s students face unique challenges and opportunities that demand evolving creativity and ingenuity. Helping them thrive depends largely on school experiences, and those shared with teachers, classmates and where they learn. Their physical space must encourage connections, communication, relationships and unite disciplines through shared learning environments.

CannonDesign is a nationally recognized leader in Pre K-12 design, dedicated to creating educational environments that invite exploration, nurture creativity and contribute to student success. Our collaborative process involves students, teachers, administrators and community members to ensure we meet cultural, pedagogical and organizational needs. We work closely with our clients to synchronize learning methods, site and budget parameters to their mission and values.

As The Third Teacher – a research project-turned book we created in collaboration with Bruce Mau Design and VS International – states via design idea number 17: “It seems obvious but is often forgotten: Teaching and learning should shape the building, not vice versa.” We adhere to this belief, and know that design can be a powerful driver of organizational learning and change within the Pre K-12 market. These philosophies underline and guide our processes and solutions.