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Pre K-12

Pre K-12

Preparing tomorrow’s leaders, today.

Today’s students face unique challenges and opportunities that demand evolving creativity and ingenuity. Helping them thrive depends largely on school experiences, and those shared with teachers, classmates and where they learn. Their physical space must encourage connections, communication, relationships and unite disciplines through shared learning environments.

CannonDesign has been a leader in Pre K-12 school planning and design for over 60 years. We are deeply immersed in educational research and publications that anchor CannonDesign’s ability to design facilities which optimize our client’s educational programs and student experiences. Our team thoroughly understands the Pre K-12 learning environment as a specific and unique building typology. We specialize in delivering an efficient and effective process, while drawing from our deep experience leading collaborative planning and design processes that yield cost effective, durable and sustainable 21st century learning environments. Rooted in educational design since the firm’s inception, we take great pride in designing flexible learning spaces that adapt to support curriculum as needs and teaching styles evolve.

CannonDesign’s leadership in the creation of Pre K-12 education facilities aligns with our core values of design excellence, innovation and sustainability. We shape environments that invite exploration, nurture creativity and contribute to student success. Our project approaches aims to synchronize learning methods, site and budget parameters to a school’s mission and values. We are committed to Pre K-12 research and experience-based design, understanding the environmental role as a teacher, and in the learning environment design. The translation of this ever evolving thinking – balancing teaching and learning in every design solution – is what we offer our education clients.

Our philosophy

third teacher

As a nationally-recognized leader in Pre K-12 design, we are dedicated to furthering design research that supports a dynamic and flexible curriculum.

Written in collaboration with Bruce Mau Design and VS International, this acclaimed book explores the premise that the environment in and of itself is a teacher.

Beginning as a research project, The Third Teacher materialized into a book that lives as the design philosophy which underlines and guides our processes and solutions. CannonDesign’s collaborative planning and process involves students, teachers, administrators and community members that support contemporary learning ideas validated by multiple stakeholders, and benchmarked to national trends experience through the firms educational design practice – with beliefs that school design significantly impacts a student’s education. Best stated in the book’s design idea number 17, “It seems obvious but is often forgotten: Teaching and learning should shape the building, not vice versa.” We understand there are various ways students learn best. We work with schools to create a design allowing for flexibility and providing shared learning space options, where students can work in collaborative teams.