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Science + Technology Education and Research

Science and Technology Education and Research

Campus science and technology environments, whether for undergraduate instruction or scholarly research, fuel innovation and are at the heart of creating value in the knowledge economy.

With an ever-expanding emphasis on the importance of advancing scientific explorations in education, we assist educators and researchers alike to conceive transformational systems, strategies, products, environments and experiences to benefit each institution and community. Our methodology brings together interdisciplinary design skills in collaboration with world-class strategists, scientific futurists and business innovators to provide a unique range of design-led services across all scales and ranges. Through the integration of economic impact, social responsibility, environmental stewardship, enterprise planning and cultural change, we work to define the optimum learning and research environments for the future of discovery.

Today’s academic research and teaching spaces are emerging as vibrant expressions of high technology and revolutionary science.

By incorporating innovative, highly-flexible laboratory planning concepts, state-of-the-art classroom spaces and facilities for industry partnerships and collaboration, these buildings have become exciting “smart” parts of campuses and scientific communities.