Healthcare COVID-19 Response

Because we can’t serve with you on the frontline,
we’ve mobilized on the sideline―designing
solutions that help you sustain your mission
through the most challenging times.

Our Stance

How we respond to today’s challenges will have a profound impact on tomorrow. We design for the now and a future of sustained resilience and elasticity.

Healthcare providers are navigating unchartered waters in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While initial efforts centered around patient surge and supply chain disruption, a “new normal” is unfolding around us, accelerating change and transforming the way care is delivered. We embrace this reality with an all “hands on deck” approach in support of your team and your mission.

With empathy and agility, we’re helping health providers coast-to-coast sort through the noise to bring practical and novel solutions to life—both in hospital settings and in the community. We believe that more than ever we must approach design as a community endeavor, where ideas emerge from all corners, rapidly tested and deployed in the spirit of bold partnership. It’s not about coming to the table with answers, it’s about coming together to challenge the status quo and uncovering the right solutions for your organization. Whatever the challenge ahead, we’re here to contribute to the solution.

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Chris Soria
Marketing Strategist, Health

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