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Equipment Planning

Equipment Planning

Serious work requires sophisticated and technologically advanced space – outfitted with equipment that performs to the highest standards. We understand the importance of designing complex facilities, but a facility alone cannot accommodate medical breakthroughs and discoveries without the equipment and technology needed to make them possible.

Our medical and laboratory equipment planning practice specializes in managing the entire process of successful planning, coordination, procurement and installation of equipment technologies. Whether our expertise is needed for a small renovation or a green-build new healthcare or lab facility, our methods are the same — we take the time to deeply understand the needs, manage the equipment budget, coordinate requirements for each item, and ensure all equipment is placed correctly and works as required when needed.

A hallmark to our process is our ability to take user simulation to the next level to test planning concepts and promote user buy-in and informed decision-making. We then move beyond planning into procurement and management — ensuring your project opens on time and within budget. With a portfolio that includes some of the most technically challenging and high-profile research, laboratory and healthcare projects, our strategies produce a flexible framework capable of supporting a broader range of equipment now and into the future.

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Andy Lewis

Andy Lewis, AIA