A Warm, Healthy Welcome for Incoming Expatriates

Abu Dhabi Health Services (SEHA) Disease Prevention and Screening Centers, Khalifa City and Mussafah — Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

CannonDesign’s work on these projects demonstrates that they are highly capable in the field of healthcare design, are dedicated to excellence, and are responsive to our needs.

— Saif Fadhel Al Hameli, Chief Facilities & Construction Division, Abu Dhabi Health Services Company

Abu Dhabi Health Services

When they open their doors in 2016 (Khalifa City) and 2018 (Mussafah), the Abu Dhabi Health Services (SEHA) Disease Prevention & Screening Centers (DPSCs) will offer a hospitable and warm welcome to those arriving in Abu Dhabi for the first time, facilitate patient education and understanding, and allow customers to feel healthy and secure.

Accommodating Growth and Increasing Throughput

  • SEHA engaged CannonDesign to create two replacement DPSCs in response to anticipated increased volume to each site — projected to hit 50-75% growth over a period of several years.
  • The new facilities are also an opportunity for each center to achieve more efficient patient throughput, optimize efficiency, and realize cost savings. Using LEAN design methodologies, CannonDesign incorporated process-oriented observation and timing exercises to inform the layout and flow of the new centers.

Experiential Research Informing Design Interventions

  • Through an immersive, user-centered research process, CannonDesign gained a more comprehensive understanding of how patients would experience the space under ideal circumstances.
  • The fundamental concept of a welcoming oasis, as well as the themes of journey, integration, and identity, were identified as critical to the clinical experience and influenced the use of form, materials, and technology.
  • Design interventions inspired by research include:
    • increased ratio of changing rooms to maximize throughput;
    • realigned sequence of X-ray procedures and physician visits to improve efficiency;
    • a grand entrance that symbolizes the “gateway to Abu Dhabi”;
    • covered rooftops gardens, porches, and green walls to facilitate a strong connection to nature; and
    • improved building design and signage (including electronic communications and displays) that more naturally direct clients to appropriate sections of the screening center and helps overcome language barriers.

The resulting design is respectful, dignified, and elegant, embodying the concept of welcome while acting as a catalyst for new beginnings.

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Performance Metrics

Increased ratio of changing rooms improves throughput and achieves better utilization of x-ray technology and technicians.

Realigning the sequence of MD visit and x-ray procedure eliminates a second change of clothing for customers.

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