Propelling ACLA and its Members Forward

American Clinical Laboratory Association (ACLA), Washington, DC

Located in the prestigious 1201 Pennsylvania Ave. building in the heart of Washington, DC, the American Clinical Laboratory Association’s (ACLA) new workplace reshapes the ACLA brand and how the organization works.

Focused on helping its member clinical laboratories deliver essential new diagnostics to meet America’s evolving healthcare needs, the ACLA oriented their space around collaboration, innovation and wellness. The space exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere and establishes a culture of collaboration with open spaces, a work lounge, open huddle spaces, large conference and teaming space, and materials and color palettes in line with their brand.

The design is remarkably responsive to ACLA’s needs. Our visioning and design processes relied heavily on engaging their staff to reimagine how the workplace could support their needs and propel the organization to help its members achieve their bold goals for the future.