A Workplace for Authentic Human Expression

Atlassian, Mountain View, CA

Atlassian’s founders have always been committed to creating a business environment where people can be their authentic selves.

That creed has served them well as they’ve built Atlassian into an incredibly successful software development company with 3,000+ staff serving more than 150K customers from offices in seven countries. Even more tangible evidence of Atlassian’s commitment to its people exists in the form of Best Place to Work awards secured on multiple continents.

In helping Atlassian expand its Mountain View, CA campus we took authenticity to heart. The team took special intent to ensure new amenity spaces including a large cafe, coffee bar, wellness studio and game room felt welcoming and exuded inclusivity and acceptance. The workspaces are diverse to empower Atlassian staff with options for quiet work (enclaves, phone rooms, tucked away corners), collaboration (open lounges, enclaves, conference rooms, video conference rooms), social connection (café, game room, tea house, three outdoor terraces), and personal reflection and wellness (meditation room, parents room, library, wellness studio). Employees are encouraged to move throughout the space and work in areas best suited to their work styles and needs all the time.

The new space delivers on its goal of encouraging authentic human experiences and will also help Atlassian continue to recruit and retain top talent to fuel its business.

Why authentic workplaces matter to tech companies?
Recruiting and retaining top employees is critical to business success and there’s evidence positive and inspiring work environments help. Given there is intense competition for tech talent and growing labor gaps (Korn Ferry predicts a deficit of 85.2 million workers worldwide by 2030) companies should embrace such workplaces for the future.