A Lantern of Hope: Elevating Cancer Care and Brand with Evidence-Based Design

Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center, Phoenix, AZ

United by their missions to fight cancer via world-class patient care, research, education and prevention, Banner Health and MD Anderson joined forces to create the Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center – a state-of-the-art facility that can deliver unprecedented levels of cancer care in Arizona. The center brings together and expands metropolitan Phoenix’s oncology services into a single comprehensive campus that facilitates a multidisciplinary approach to cancer diagnostics and treatment.

Equipped with a full suite of cancer care services, Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center is informed by evidence-based design principles that establish ideal patient flows for various types of oncology services: radiation, infusion, imaging, surgery, urgent care and inpatient care. Treatment areas are wrapped around the outdoor courtyard to provide patients and staff with natural light and views to nature, merging the high-tech world of medicine with the high-touch needs of cancer patients. Modern interior design and lighting help create a soothing atmosphere for patients facing the stress and challenges of cancer treatment.

The Lantern of Hope
A signature element of the cancer center is its Lantern of Hope – an impressive and symbolic structure. At 64’ tall, the lantern draws inspiration from the palo verde tree which is recognized as a nurse plant for its protective role in the life of other desert flora and fauna. Equipped with a beautiful array of aluminum panels, fabric scrim and color-changing LED lighting, the Lantern is a symbol of hope to patients, their families and the staff working to eradicate cancer.

I walked the cancer center yesterday…it looks spectacular. As I have said, this has been the best execution of a project I have seen in my 35 years.

– Kip Edwards, Vice President, Development & Construction for Banner Health

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