Delivering a Fast-track Project via Integrated Project Delivery

Bayhealth Medical Center, Sussex Campus, Milford, Delaware

In 2019, Bayhealth Medical Center will open an innovative new health campus in southern Delaware to serve the growing needs of its community. The new hospital and outpatient center is designed with the vision of providing comprehensive healthcare for the next 100 years and beyond, throughout each stage of life — all in one easily accessible location.

At the onset of the project, Bayhealth’s mandate was simple: elevate patient satisfaction scores to >90%, engage physician partners throughout the design process, optimize the delivery of clinical care to reduce operating costs by 20%, and accelerate speed to market — delivering the project at least three months earlier than comparable healthcare projects.

All of this is being accomplished via a thoughtful approach to project delivery. As an integrated project delivery (IPD) project, our team established key performance indicators to drive efficiency and employed lean processes that define success and eliminated unnecessary steps and space; for example, in one design iteration, we omitted more than 250 feet of redundant
corridor in the surgery department alone. Our co-located team, working alongside Bayhealth and our build partner, have developed options and solutions in real time, in fewer days, using proven Lean and IPD tools and tactics. The result is a high-value, high-quality replacement hospital that aligns with Bayhealth’s conditions of satisfaction, is below initial estimated project costs and ahead of schedule.

The CannonDesign team worked with diverse stakeholders including administrators, physicians, medical and support staff and other users, and was able to mediate these interest and emerge with a design that was welcomed by all parties. The team has exceeded our expectations and achieved design excellence in concern with thoughtful and thorough engagement of users, stakeholders and the community.

Jerry J. Peters, Director, Facilities Planning and Construction, Bayhealth