An Iconic Landmark Sets a New Standard for Student Life

Boston University, 33 Harry Agganis Way Residence Hall, Boston, MA

We have been engaged in a multi-decade partnership with Boston University to transform the student life experience through the design of the 10-acre multi-use John Hancock Student Village and adjacent facilities, with the goal of adding 2,300 beds of campus housing in a wide range of unit typologies. Among the last stages of this initiative is the 960-bed, two-tower facility at the northwest campus corner which has become the newest and most prominent visual landmark of the campus for commuters entering the city from the west.

The apartment-style suites have proven to be immensely popular with BU students, along with the variety of shared study spaces and lounges in the common areas at the base of the two towers. The tower’s penthouse includes additional study and social spaces offering panoramic views of the city.

Using LEED tools, a life-cycle assessment process and an energy conservation charrette funded by the local utility company, the design team also conceived of energy efficient strategies for the building’s design, construction and operation. Now regarded as a beacon of campus sustainability, the residence is featured prominently in the campus’ marketing material as a prime example of the university’s sustainable construction practices.

Boston University and CannonDesign have enjoyed a successful collaboration since 1983. Together we have completed more than 35 projects encompassing the entire spectrum of campus facilities, from modern scientific research and academic facilities to athletic and recreation buildings and student housing.

Dr. Robert A. Brown
President, Boston University

Together, we create design solutions to the greatest challenges facing our clients and society.