Creating a Paragon for Water and Energy Conservation

California Institute of Technology, Linde + Robinson Environmental Institute, Pasadena, CA

Billions of gallons of water are wasted every year as laboratories are required to cool equipment and experiments, but lack a sustainable method to deliver this cooling. This unfortunate reality is compounded by the fact that an ever-growing percentage of energy consumption in modern laboratories stems from the cooling needs of large research equipment. Determined to tackle these challenges, the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) partnered with FOS to develop a new solution for the Linde + Robinson Environmental Institute that could serve as a model for other laboratories worldwide.

Caltech and CannonDesign developed a revolutionary cooling approach reliant upon evaporative cooling in conjunction with the eVap 1500 cooling system to respond to this crisis. The eVap 1500 allows equipment to be cooled with a small closed loop of coolant fluid while leveraging the highly efficient central building evaporative cooling water system to reject the heat directly outside the building. This system allows Caltech to move away from traditional cooling approaches, including tap water or unitary air-cooled water chillers, and save hundreds of thousands of gallons of water while realizing dramatic energy and cost savings.

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Performance Metrics

Integral Engineering Group studied the replacement of these traditional cooling methods with the eVap systems and projected an 87% increase in energy performance for these specific systems.