CannonDesign Chicago Office
CannonDesign Chicago Office
CannonDesign Chicago Office
CannonDesign Chicago Office

Driving a New Era of Teamwork and Performance

CannonDesign Chicago Office, Chicago, IL

In its design of a new workplace environment for over 200 staff in Chicago, CannonDesign developed a dynamic workplace strategy for enhancing teamwork and performance that serves as a prototype for its multiple other locations around the world. The solution provides flexibility and diversity by moving all staff, regardless of rank or title, to open offices while also establishing over 20 different alternative workplace settings – including conference rooms, enclaves, and informal teaming areas – which encourage everyone to work in a manner that best suits their style and particular work needs.

The LEED-CI Platinum office supports collaboration with integrated information and communications technology allowing local teams to work in real time with colleagues around the globe. Designers worked with manufacturers to customize a radial work area solution which improves team visibility and collaboration while also maintaining the same seat count as traditional layouts. This strategy has increased employee satisfaction by 86% and has also improved employee concentration (32%), ability to meet face-to-face (31%), ability to hold phone conversations (22%), and individual work in private areas (14%). The project utilizes regional materials (63 percent by value within 500 miles) and those with high amounts of recycled content (34 percent by value using LEED criteria).

We wanted to think more creatively about how we work in teams, how the office can be a catalyst for our work and make that more effective.

– Mark Hirons, CannonDesign Principal

Performance Metrics


Employee satisfaction has increased by 86% as a result of the new workplace strategy.

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