Enhancing the Student Experience Through Transparent and Open Design

Protected: Chaffey College Student Services and Administration Building, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Symbolizing the college’s commitment to its students, faculty and administration, this AIA award-winning building strives to create a comfortable environment to deliver important services to enhance the student experience. The building houses numerous functions, including registration, financial aid, counseling, administration, student assessment, and offices for the president, vice president and dean of education.

By utilizing new technology and reducing with paper registration forms alone, stakeholders were able to reduce the building size by over a thousand square feet and reduce construction costs by over $400,000. Advanced kiosks located in the entryway create an opportunity for students to easily access their information without creating long lines within registration/admission offices.

Transparency blurs and dissolves the separation of administration and the student body as it integrates with the “living room” quad plaza of the campus where exterior activities such as lectures, celebrations, movies and graduations can take place. During evening hours, the glass elevation becomes a beacon that can be seen from all points of the campus.