Dynamic Environments to Keep Pace with a Global Market

CME Group, Global

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) has grown dramatically over the past decades by becoming a for-profit corporation and through acquisitions of the Chicago Board of Trade and NYMEX to become the largest U.S. futures exchange. Throughout this extensive growth period, CME has turned to CannonDesign as a strategic partner to help align its workspaces with current needs and future goals. At the Chicago headquarters alone, this partnership has driven decentralization efforts for business continuity, the repositioning of the facility to shift from open-cry trading to electronic trading, renovation of the executive suite, the integration of more collaborative work environments and improvements to staff amenities.

Around the world, CannonDesign has helped drive strategic workplace design for CME in New York City, Boston, Houston, Washington, D.C., London, Belfast, Northern Ireland, Singapore, Beijing and Hong Kong.