A High-tech Learning Environment Designed to Spur Collaboration

Colorado State University, Behavioral Sciences Building, Fort Collins, CO

The Behavioral Sciences Building is home to the Departments of Psychology and Human Development and Family Studies. It represents a significant investment in academic synergy, bringing two disparate departments together to spur collaboration and advancements in education.

As the largest high-tech classroom facility on the CSU campus, the building and subsequent addition feature a number of learning spaces, including a 3D-projection classroom, observation rooms, shielded environments for EEG testing and an IMAX-inspired high-tech lecture hall. Located throughout the building are a number of collaborative study spaces, including an expansive atrium at the heart of the building, designed to facilitate interactions between students and faculty.

The building’s architecture is conceived as a transparent volume with selectively placed solid planes inside and out to divide rooms, structurally support the building and provide shade for the building at the exterior. After the main building was completed, we were recommissioned to design an addition that seamlessly integrates itself into the existing architecture.