Putting the Excitement of Theatre Education on Clear View

DePaul University, The Theatre School, Chicago, IL

The new home for The Theatre School serves as the western gateway to DePaul University’s Lincoln Park campus in Chicago. Its urban setting is central to the school’s identity, one of the top professional theatre conservatory programs in the country.

The new facility emphasizes openness and transparency, allowing the community to see the theatrical and education process firsthand. Entry-level lounge spaces, wide corridors and rooftop courtyards encourage interaction among students, faculty and theatregoers.

Performance spaces include the Fullerton Stage, a 250-seat thrust theatre, as well as the Sondra and Denis Healy Theatre, a 100-seat flexible theatre that accommodates eight different seating configurations allowing maximum flexibility and creativity for directors, performers and technicians. Education and support spaces include scenery and costume studios, rehearsal rooms and acting labs, seminar and lecture rooms, and faculty offices.

Our new building allows us to connect with the profession in new and meaningful ways.

John Culbert
Dean of The Theatre School at DePaul University