Old Roots, New Future Plan

Facility-wide PK-12 Master Plan/BEST Application, Meeker School District, Meeker, CO

CannonDesign was contracted by Meeker School District to complete a facility-wide master plan and BEST application – including an analysis of demographic data, space utilization and an overall look at the function and condition of all buildings, led by the team of architects and engineers. The master plan advisory group directed the planning to concentrate solutions on the school district buildings that are in the worst condition and/or need concepts for future use.

The master plan process, which was interactive and inclusive, brought the entire community behind the most efficient solution for a new high school, which is planned with phased construction to minimize disruptions to students and provide learning suites integrating core curriculum with state-of-the-art vocational facilities. The district’s properties were evaluated to select the best location for the new transportation facility.