Creating a safe, consolidated high school campus to nourish the community

Groves High School Campus Master Plan, Garden City, GA

CannonDesign, along with our local partner Cogdell Mendrala Architects, developed a master plan for Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools (SCCPSS) on the current site of Groves High School and the Garden City Stadium. The plan will create a consolidated campus for a new 1,400 student elementary and middle school, as well as a 1,000 student high school. Our services include master planning, visioning, programming, facility conditions assessments and phased project implementation.

The design team held a kickoff meeting to address the challenges currently facing the district and goals for the project, which include:

  • Creating a sense of identity for each school
  • Leveraging shared facilities to help reduce costs and improve long-term saving
  • Establishing a safe thoroughfare for students and parents traveling to the site
  • Generating a catalyst for the future development of surrounding residential and commercial areas

A key consideration for the project is creating connections to local industries, such as maritime logistics and distribution, aviation mechanics and STEM programs. Through hands-on exercises, the design team put forth recommendations to demolish the existing building to create new facilities, re-locate the current rec center offsite during new facility phasing and to examine various building scenarios. The resulting master plan will help create a new typology for SCCPSS, provide a comprehensive school for all grades, establish a CTAE program and highlight the Garden City Stadium, all within one site.