A Place of Discovery for a Nobel Laureate

Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute, Buffalo, NY

Designed for Nobel Laureate and internationally renowned mathematician, Dr. Herbert Hauptman, the Hauptman-Woodward Research Institute is the gateway to the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus and a key focal point in its diverse urban neighborhood. Guided by its motto, The Cures Begin Here, the institute creates novel strategies and technologies to promote the understanding, prevention and treatment of human diseases.

The building embraces the principle of scientific collaboration and connectivity, bringing together research, administration and multi-function support spaces into a vibrant whole.

The main design objective was to create a safe, accommodating biomolecular research lab that could minimize outside contamination. Other design goals were to put science on display to the public, and to create a platform for collaboration that would change the culture of the institute. The building challenges the notion of the prototypical lab building by placing the lab spaces within a simple glazed light filled cube and the offices within a cylindrical form, each organized to frame views and create a series of unique offices that express the individual scientist. The two main volumes are separated and interconnected by an expansive glass atrium that promotes spontaneous collaboration and exposes the inner workings of the research labs to the public.

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