A Corporate Campus Inspired by Nature

Infosys, Corporate Campus Design

Created as part of a design competition, the design for Infosys’ corporate campus creates an integrated and sustainable vision of merging landscape and architecture to create a new form of symbiotic living and working. The building’s design directly responds to the site’s extreme desert climate, rich cultural heritage and client’s goal of further elevating itself as a global leader in business consulting, IT, software engineering and outsourcing services

To understand the design of the Infosys campus, one must look to biomimicry – the examination and emulation of nature’s models, systems, processes and elements in architecture – and the Gaia Hypothesis – a proposition that suggests organisms interact with their inorganic compound surroundings on Earth to form a self-regulating, complex system that contributes to maintaining the conditions for life on our planet.

Solar Air Ventilation DiagramWater DiagramExploded Axonometric

The Infosys campus works with nature’s systems, not against them. Like leaves, deeply overhanging roofs protect the building users from the sun. Like natural wetlands, a living wetland machine will clean runoff and grey water to make a courtyard oasis within each campus. Like a deep stone cave, cooling air will be collected from a thermal labyrinth to provide pre-cooled air to the building systems and outdoor public spaces.

The design also proposes four smaller versions of a campus, each sized to accommodate 5,000, 10,000 or 15,000 people respectively. Via this approach, each phase is its own completed campus with all necessary program and sustainable systems. On-grade parking will occupy locations of future phases and structured parking will be built in the final phase. This allows lessons to be learned in each phase and then applied to the next – meaning the final product will truly trace the technological, social and institutional growth of Infosys over the years within one larger campus precinct.

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