Next generation learning in the last Colorado frontier

La Veta School District, District Wide Master Plan, La Veta, CO

We created a master plan with and for the La Veta School District that identifies the most effective and efficient solutions to support the educational goals of 21st-century learning and the needs of all students for the next 50 years. The goal was to have the right facility to become a model for South Colorado. The master plan process started with facilitating a clear definition of their vision, the understanding of all the facilities deficiencies and demographics challenges. The process was inclusive and interactive, as the best solution comes from the input of the task force, the educational team and the community. This process was critical to get full buy-in on the master plan option selected for bond funding.

From the “meshing” of the defined needs and goals, four master plan options were generated. The concept for a new PK-12 school next to the athletic facilities on the district’s own 31-acre site was selected. This option best responded to the goals and the vision established for La Veta schools:

  • Correcting any code violations
  • Addressing student and staff safety and security issues
  • Providing a suitable educational environment and the ability to focus in comfortable learning spaces
  • Creating a flexible and adaptable environment to support the educational programs and engage all students today and for the next 50 years

The firm supported the district in writing a BEST Grant application with the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) for funding or supplementing a bond.