Designing a flagship facility for advanced technology research

MIT Lincoln Lab Advanced Compound Semiconductor Laboratory/Microelectronics Integration Facility, Lexington, Massachusetts

As a Department of Defense research and development laboratory, MIT Lincoln Laboratory conducts research and development aimed at solutions to challenges critical to national security. The $192 million Microelectronics Integration Facility (MIF) includes a 35,000-sf class 10/100/1000 clean room that will house the development of highly advanced technologies in support of national security. The Advanced Compound Semiconductor Laboratory consolidates existing compound semiconductor materials growth, fabrication and characterization facilities to enable the development of multi-wavelength sources, large format multi-wavelength detector arrays, radio frequency electronics, high-power electronics, and integrated photonics. The MIF consolidates facilities for the fabrication and packaging of specialized advanced electronic prototypes. Located on a small site, the building complements the existing campus vernacular and provides architectural precedence for future campus development.