An Educational Facility to Inspire

Moon Area School District, Hyde Elementary School Addition and Renovation, Moon Township, Pennsylvania

Moon Area School District sought to upgrade and rejuvenate its Hyde Elementary School in a way that would provide an ideal environment for educating elementary school children in the 21st century. Beyond complete building renovations, the design effort includes a new secure entrance/administrative suite and two new innovation maker spaces. These additions create exciting opportunities to showcase the innovative educational processes occurring within.

The innovation and maker spaces are central to the design. One, serving grades 3 and 4, is located at the building’s prominent front corner on the first floor and highlights energy, activity and learning for visitors approaching the school. The second, serving grades K-2, is a glass enclosed two-story volume on the ground floor that greets visitors in the main entrance from the lobby balcony above. This new expanded glass-enclosed lobby acts as a central community gathering space and a welcoming hub leading to all areas of the building.

Additionally, the Hyde Elementary School’s site introduces a new learning courtyard and play area on the ground floor that connects students to the natural environment and the ground floor innovation space. Additionally, the school’s driveways, parking lots and sidewalks are re-positioned to ensure separation and safety for vehicles and pedestrians.