Executive Health Clinics and Disease Screening for Expatriate Employees

Mubadala Development Company, Capital Health Center, Abu Dhabi, UAE

The Capital Health Center is a state-of-the-art medical facility that serves two distinct populations in Abu Dhabi. The center provides outpatient clinical services for executives as well as disease prevention and screening services for the expatriate population.  Innovative planning and design were integrated from the outset to focus on users; layouts are flexible, flows are efficient and smooth, throughput is optimized and streamlined, experience for patients and caregivers are enhanced and expeditious based on feedback from users during visioning.

The center plays a vital role in ensuring Abu Dhabi remains a healthy city in which to live and work. From this location, the center provides Abu Dhabi with greater capacity to process growing numbers of expatriates. Disease prevention and screening services accommodate up to 2,000 visa applicants per day and executive health outpatient clinics provide flexible scheduling options for premium service typically within 24-hours.