Bridging a Campus Rooted in Rich Architectural Tradition

Texas Christian University, Brown Lupton University Union, Fort Worth, Texas

Located at the heart of Texas Christian University’s campus, Brown Lupton University Union (BLUU) powerfully anchors and unifies the university’s student commons and, in tandem with neighboring residence halls and other student-life facilities, activates numerous outdoor activity areas.

The contemporary design of BLUU and more traditional facades that maintain the campus architectural style were planned decisions for TCU. BLUU gives careful consideration not only to program requirements but also to the interaction between the new construction and the campus existing oak-lined streets and neoclassical, Beaux Arts architecture clad in a custom-blended golden brick. Featuring a landmark 130-foot bell tower, BLUU harmonizes with the campus fabric as if in existence since the establishment of TCU.

BLUU is the culmination of extensive student-initiated program explorations and design charrettes focused on creating an environment for students to live, work and play.

The BLUU has created an environment for rich personal interactions through a variety of spaces, where intellectual vitality and social conversations intersect. Central to enriching the TCU students’ experience is a building that is a destination for activities that promote out-of-classroom-learning, as well as a stage framing physical setting to promote student life.

Dr. Don Mills, former Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

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