Toward the Academy of Tomorrow – A Campus Vision for Learning

Texas Christian University, Rees-Jones Hall, Fort Worth, TX

Rees-Jones Hall (RJH) at Texas Christian University is an interdisciplinary incubator facility at the heart of the East Campus Quad. It is built on the premise that learning and knowledge acquisition continually changes, grows and transforms. Building on the TCU premise of creating the Academy of Tomorrow, which is not solely a place but rather a philosophy of learning, RJH is neutral ground to foster interdisciplinary thinking, innovation and experimentation. The project is the first such facility that is not dedicated to a single department or school, allowing it to be truly cross-disciplinary with interactive classrooms, 24-hour student study spaces, collaborative group rooms, global seminar rooms and faculty offices.

An incubator lab space, the “Ideas Factory,” promotes entrepreneurial activities and academic enrichment.

Rees-Jones Hall is one of over 30 projects on the campus by CannonDesign, where we have been privileged to advise, imagine and design in partnership with TCU throughout an unprecedented $750 million campus renewal effort. Working closely with campus leadership, these projects contribute to the integrated vision of architectural and academic excellence articulated by the chancellor and trustees. In RJH’s lobby, a transparent, interactive display wall engages, inspires guests, promotes learning and further strengthens the TCU brand through media experiences that link the university’s academic community to the awareness and study of important global challenges.

CannonDesign has provided most of the architectural vision for our renewed TCU campus – and the results have been spectacular.

R. Nowell Donovan
Provost, Texas Christian University

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