Increase Operational Efficiency to Streamline Services

Top-Rated Comprehensive Cancer Center, Southern CA

Faced with the challenge of designing an integrated, optimized patient experience, the entire patient access strategy and ambulatory model of care for nearly 500,000 annual patient encounters at a top-rated comprehensive cancer center needed to be redesigned. Over the course of the engagement, CannonDesign created over 30 separate simulation models and led five visioning sessions with over 100 key stakeholders to inform final recommendations. Stakeholder visioning sessions included discussions focused on innovative methods from other industries to improve healthcare delivery, outputs from a simulation model establishing a baseline of performance, and participants’ experiences with the existing operational environment.

After initial recommendations were made, additional simulation models were created to test many different scenarios. In their final report, the team recommended scenarios that could reduce length of stay (LOS) by up to 22% and significantly reduce travel distances for staff and patients. Ultimately, this engagement helped move the organization to a tumor-based, multidisciplinary model of care, embedding all services within appropriate tumor clinics. The result: accelerated access to appointments, an 80% reduction in provider-attributed clinic cancellations and measurable increases in patient satisfaction.

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