Key renovations

University of Chicago, Law School Library Tower, Chicago, IL

On the heels of its centennial, the University of Chicago Law School began renovating key areas of its landmark, late-1950s campus. Key to the renovation was respecting Eero Saarinen’s mid-century modern law library while enhancing its functionality, quality and experience.

New technologies allowed removal of some stacks, opening space for circulation, study and gathering. To counter a claustrophobic atmosphere created by low ceilings and very limited daylight, acoustical wood ceilings and improved lighting were installed. A new central stair provides an engaging focal point and an energizing connecting sculpture for the revitalized library.

The project transformed what was, in essence, a warehouse for books into a warm and even well-lit space in which students would be inclined to interact and learn. The building is now warm and inviting – and functional for another fifty years.

Saul Levmore, Dean of Law School

Increases small and large group collaboration areas by nearly 30%

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