Combining performance with future-focused medical education

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Carle Illinois College of Medicine, Urbana, IL

Carle Illinois College of Medicine has reimagined medical education with a recently renovated facility that supports a non-traditional approach to pursuing engineering-based medical innovation. With a focus on designing for the future of health sciences and medical education, this project is the result of the successful convergence of our education and healthcare expertise through strategy, planning and thought leadership.   

The creative challenge of this renovation project was to design a college that offers the range of experiences future physician-innovators need, including spacious collaborative workspaces, leading-edge technology and channels that provide easier engagement between students, faculty and administrators. The team not only considered the academic needs of students, but also the intensity and stress of medical school. When students need downtime, they no longer have to retreat to their homes but can instead descend to a respite space under the auditorium or to one of the daylight-infused, student-only lounges.     

Within the building’s brick and concrete façade, the interiors feature open spaces with contemporary finishes. Resource offices and study areas are outfitted with ergonomic furniture and colorful walls visible through floor-to-ceiling glass dividers. The walls are adorned with strategic messaging to inspire, unite and uplift, as the intense curriculum guides them through daily rehearsals of real-world medical care. 

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