Bolstering a Wellness Hub for a Dynamic Campus Community

University of South Florida, Student Wellness Center, Tampa, FL

The University of South Florida’s new wellness center completes an exciting hub for healthy lifestyles on campus as it sits adjacent to both the school’s recreation center and one of its campus dining halls. This wellness hub sits at the nexus of the Honors College and the east entry of campus, reinforcing the relationship between wellness and academic success and the role wellness plays in recruitment. 

Equipped with key spaces for general medicine, sexual health, pharmacy, urgent care, physical therapy, infection control and more, the building is set to be a powerful resource for the entire campus community. It also houses a multipurpose room for a variety of wellness programming and student functions. It sits among a wellness courtyard and recreation lawns. 

The state-of-the-art center is located immediately off a major pedestrian pathway on campus and amidst the campus’ iconic trees. The building both serves as a welcoming beacon for the campus and a centralizing force for student wellness.