University of Utah, Lassonde Studios
University of Utah, Lassonde Studios

The Future of Entrepreneurial Education

University of Utah, Lassonde Studios, Salt Lake City, UT

The University of Utah’s Lassonde Studios has redefined entrepreneurial education. The innovative building unites 400 students residences across four floors stacked upon a 20,000 sf entrepreneurial hangar where any student on campus can build a prototype, attend an event or launch a company. The building has quintupled the # of student-led startups on campus in two years and also bolstered the university’s undergraduate and graduate rankings, increased student engagement, enrollment, scholarship and funding. The university profiles Lassonde Studios success in its annual report.

The measurable success of Lassonde Studios has earned it Learn X Design Honors from SXSWedu and extensive media coverage from the New York Times, Fast Company, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Entrepreneur and more. The building welcomes students from all disciplines and levels (freshman – graduate students) to accelerate innovation, discovery and entrepreneurship. It’s also designed on a flexible grid system to allow it to evolve and adapt to changes in technology, student needs and more over time.

A collaborative process between the design team, university leadership, student housing, business school representatives, and members of the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute led to extensive design experimentation and the eventual creation of this new type of learning building. “We had to invent a new typology of building that, to the best of my knowledge, didn’t exist on other campuses,” said Mehrdad Yazdani, Design Principal for the project.