Demolished Barriers: Upwork Shapes Boundless Future of Work

Upwork, Chicago, IL

Upwork’s paradigm-shifting success as the world’s largest work marketplace, connecting millions of businesses with independent talent around the globe, has reshaped our economy and how we work.

Determined to eliminate all barriers between connecting the best talent to the right opportunities anywhere anytime, Upwork thrives as a departure from the expected and a beacon for where the world of work is headed. They work each day to place independent talent at the heart of every business.

The design eliminates physical barriers between teams to foster connectivity and collaboration.

  • Easy and accessible technology throughout the space ensures freedom and flexibility for all users.
  • The design surrounds staff with amenities and spaces that empower them to structure their workplace experience. This amplifies key themes of freedom, control and boundless possibility while helping them to think bigger and innovate faster.
  • Unique artwork throughout the space shares stories and emotions from the global talent community. It offers a look into the positive influence the company has on individuals lives’ both professionally and personally.