Creating a Laboratory Facility to Support an Entire State

Vermont Agriculture & Environmental Laboratory, Randolph, VT

The 30,000 sf Vermont Agriculture & Environmental Laboratory (VAEL) provides a wide range of services to the people of Vermont, protecting human and animal health, safeguarding environmental resources, and fostering commerce and economic development. This single laboratory will serve all environmental and agricultural needs in the state. Initially, the building will serve 3 administrators, 7 chemists, 3 biologists, and 7 independent labs and their staff. The building was programmed and designed to be highly flexible in order to accommodate multiple uses, program evolution and emergencies, as well as technological/mechanical advances.

Designing the VAEL required the creation of an infrastructure that supports a myriad of unique requirements, including an animal pathology unit that includes a necropsy suite, a forest biology unit that houses an extensive specimen collection, fish and wildlife collections, water testing areas, air quality laboratories, plant and feed laboratories, soil testing laboratories, and an extensive biology area with BSL 2+ laboratory.