Geoff Walters

Principal, Quality Director

Geoff Walters

Quality in every dimension of design is critical. It can’t be sacrificed at any step—the design, the drawings, the final plan documents—or the final product won’t achieve its potential. Directing quality across our firm and collective work is a huge responsibility, and one that Geoff finds equally invigorating and exciting.

Having helped lead quality at CannonDesign for more than 20 years, Geoff continues to ensure our firm meets and exceeds each professional standard that bolsters quality and minimizes risk. He’s effective, efficient and unwavering. And, he loves the unique ways our design work empowers people to solve problems as they shape our collective built environment with the utmost care.


  • Teaching and practicing the discipline of quality assurance
  • Solving problems and surfacing new ideas
  • Steady mentorship and leadership
  • Bringing a unique perspective to his work and the world at 6’5”


  • Being born in Bermuda and the wonderful youthful summers he spent there
  • His green thumb and love of gardening
  • Every moment of being a father to his son
  • His career trajectory and CannonDesign’s reputation of quality excellence