Josh Mensinger

Principal, ModularDesign+ Leader

Josh Mensinger

Josh is one of the intrepid, outgoing and enthusiastic leaders of Modular Design+ (MD+), a modular fabrication company in the network of CannonDesign.

With his entrepreneurial spirit and 15 years of prefabrication and modular expertise, Josh is passionate about how modular design and construction can help clients in every sector solve many of the most critical challenges facing the construction industry such as skilled labor shortages, materials cost and construction site safety. As Executive Vice President of MD+, he establishes successful strategic direction for the company, working closely with top leadership to coordinate business development and oversee operations.

A few clients and collaborators

  • FlintCo
  • AHS Residential
  • Ryan Companies


  • Pre-construction
  • Design-build
  • Modular construction
  • LEAN construction
  • Prefabrication


  • His four kids
  • Working on his historic 1902 home
  • His family, faith and career