Kate St. Laurent, LC, Associate IALD

Lighting Design Leader


Lighting design is a perfect combination of design, math and science. And that’s exactly why Kate loves what she does. 

Kate is the national leader of the award-winning CannonDesign Lighting Studio where she and her team deliver innovative lighting solutions crossing geographies, scale, typologies and sectors. She constantly strives to create beauty through light while working within rigid parameters such as budget, energy efficiency and functionality. With a graduate degree in interior design, Kate speaks the designer’s language to integrate lighting in creative, collaborative ways.

A few clients and collaborators 

  • Wegmans
  • Penn State Health
  • St. John’s University
  • Novartis


  • Translating lighting design with all aspects of the design process
  • A photographic memory catalog of lighting products
  • Collaboration and problem solving


  • Growing and promoting the lighting design team
  • Being a mom of two kids under 10
  • Building a rock-climbing wall in her backyard