Michael Corb, AIA

Education Practice Leader

Mike Corb

When physical space ignites a student’s curiosity, the learning potential is limitless. That’s Michael’s philosophy on designing to inspire a generation of lifelong learners.

With experience across PK-12 and higher education, Michael’s work is recognized for breaking typology norms and pioneering concepts that are shaping the future of educational design. As a project leader, he guides clients through an inclusive process of exploration focused on uncovering solutions that advance their missions and supercharge outcomes. He is constantly looking outside the boundaries of the education industry for design inspiration—believing the best ideas can come from anywhere. Why not design elementary schools more like children’s museums? Or academic buildings more like tech startups? He’s partnered with clients to do both, and the results have been incredible.

A few clients and collaborators

  • Springfield School District
  • Seneca Valley School District
  • Texas A&M University
  • University of Houston


  • Client leadership
  • Learning environment design
  • Problem solving


  • Father to an inspiring daughter and kind-hearted son
  • Delivering on the promise to help Springfield School District meet its 100% literacy target
  • Building lasting personal and professional relationships through projects