Norm Miles, MHSA, MRECM

Social Impact and DEI Consulting Leader
Blue Cottage of CannonDesign

Norm Miles Headshot

Value. Insight. Impact. That’s what drives Norm and his work every day. His passion for equity and community development has resulted in positive outcomes across industries for more than 20 years. ​

Well-versed in guiding institutional leaders at every level through strategic transformation, Norm is committed to elevating social impact and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) as an imperative for the design world and making it a Blue Cottage of CannonDesign signature service. As a strategic and transformational leader, Norm’s expertise in DEI consulting, operations engineering, and capital and community investment/development has informed his work across multiple sectors over the last two decades.​

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  • DEI/Social Impact consulting​
  • Strategic operations ​planning
  • Change management/change enablement​


  • Being an executive/personal mentor to many dynamic people ​
  • Being the dad of a special kid
  • Building awareness and resiliency that drives people and organizations from passion to purpose​