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Bradley A. Lukanic, AIA, LEED AP

Chief Executive Officer


I believe in how design thinking can and will shape the future. I am wildly curious about the intersection of the physical and digital environments fused by design thinking, and I believe in the power of CannonDesign to drive us there.

These assertions drive me and are my foundation as CannonDesign’s CEO. The people I partnered with inspired me to do more, to see where and how far we can take this firm together. I am excited to lead our talent and evolve our design solutions to the next level. The future has limitless possibilities; guiding and propelling our activities forward is going to be a rewarding experience. I hope we inspire future designers with our innovative environments and, along the way, redefine why each of us is passionate about our roles as we transform tomorrow.

With a never-ending drive and passion for design and built experiences, Brad embraces situational change disrupters that transform the industry’s future – and he wants to lead CannonDesign’s charge to get there.

Brad’s relentless pursuit of new and thoughtful design solutions, coupled with implementable actions, channels CannonDesign’s creativity and expertise. He is the firm’s lead strategist delineating why CannonDesign strives to be an industry leader each day, while championing established values and progressing an innovative culture. Brad supports firmwide investments to go beyond being relevant to leading with impactful design solutions.

As CEO, Brad seeks partners that are curious to accelerate, command and propel design’s influences on environments with goals resolving cross-disciplinary thinking and engagement. He leads CannonDesign with a sincere approach of listening to employee and client challenges to guide a discovery of “what if” opportunities, instead of progressing in a silo.

Parallel to his practical design experience, Brad’s thought leadership is shared within and beyond architecture audiences: Architect magazine, the AIA’s Large Firm Roundtable, Fast Company, the University Industry Demonstration Partnership, and the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine’s Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable.