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Brett Lawrence, AIA, CDT, LEED AP


An architect's role, as projects and the industry becomes more complex, is to take inputs from many sources and manage them to meet the demands of our clients. To do so without passion is to miss the wealth of educational opportunities that exist within any project and team, and risk not having the rigor to execute meaningful work. I joke that the day my job stops teaching me something new is the day I look for a new job. At CannonDesign, my retirement will come sooner.

Brett views his career as a continuous pursuit of knowledge.  Architecture is an increasingly complicated profession that spans many disciplines including design, construction, business management, and interpersonal relationships. Instead of focusing on a singular expertise, Brett has led a varied career which has seen him fill many roles on many different types of projects. Whether it is a technical role for a complicated physics lab building for John’s Hopkins University, managing a large team creating a new student center for Western Michigan, or as a part of a proposal team seeking new work at the forefront of a marketing effort, Brett focuses on learning as much as possible so he can bring that knowledge to bear on future jobs for future clients. Being agile and adaptable allows Brett to seamlessly jump between these roles.