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Carl Schultz, PE


I absolutely love buildings: walking through them, especially the mechanical rooms, hearing the sounds of air moving through ductwork, motors turning, and the sudden blast of a compressor start. I never tire of looking at prints of buildings and seeing how previous practitioners approached their design challenges and arranged it all in a distinctive way. My goal is to solve the unique needs of the client in the simplest way possible so that the bidding, construction, and eventual decades of operation and maintenance proceed unencumbered by unnecessary complexity.

With a lengthy background in mechanical engineering, Carl describes himself as a “serial specialist” who has designed a broad spectrum of building types and systems including science and technology, healthcare, mission-critical, higher education, correctional, logistics and transportation hubs, central plants, and government institutional facilities. He has written and lectured extensively on the mechanical design and commissioning of building systems. Carl has a passion for quality control and assurance aspects of the business volunteering to take on those assignments, which broadens his exposure to problem-solving by uncovering potential challenges and identifying successful solutions. Mentoring the next generation of professionals at CannonDesign brings Carl a sense of joy and fulfillment in his career.