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Curt Finfrock, AIA, LEED AP


Curt Finfrock is an accomplished client leader and designer specializing in scientific environments. With over 30 years of experience, Curt has led the design of internationally-recognized research centers and major universities. Working with his clients, Curt focuses on the fusion of high technology systems, spaces for collaborative engagement and environmental responsiveness in the physical and life sciences. A leader in the fields of high-energy physics and nanotechnology facility design, Curt has spoken at national conferences on programmatic, technical and cleanroom typology insight associated with nanotechnology and interdisciplinary research.

Scientists are some of the most important people in our society. Creativity spawned by increasingly interdisciplinary research, applied science and commercialization is rapidly transforming every aspect of our lives and future. Designing facilities for science is a fascinating, ever-changing challenge involving the integration of purposeful collaboration and complex building technologies into enduring, transformative design.

Curt Finfrock, AIA, LEED AP

Together, we create design solutions to the greatest challenges facing our clients and society.