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David Goyne, AIA, LEED AP



David is a project architect with experience working in all phases of the design process, from programming and documentation to technology integration, sustainability planning and building construction. He is recognized for his consensus building skills and his calm, level-headed approach to working with diverse teams on large projects. David has broad range of experience in the technical execution of projects related to healthcare, higher education and science and technology. Recently, he has been involved in the design and documentation of the exterior façade and curtainwall for the Centre hospitalier de l’université de Montréal (CHUM) — the largest healthcare construction project in North America.

I often get wrapped up in the intricacies of design, but when I step back and think about how what I am doing ‘now’ will influence the immediate community for 30 or 50 years, I am inspired, humbled and energized. I am passionate about my work and motivated by our ability as architects to improve the built environment through thoughtful, sustainable design.

David Goyne, AIA, LEED AP