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Deb Sheehan, ACHE, LEED AP, EDAC

Executive Director, Firmwide Strategies



As our firmwide strategies leader, Deb Sheehan’s leadership in tactical thinking includes cross-market analysis into the factors shaping industry trends and client needs. She uses research and intelligence to advance innovative ideas that optimize CannonDesign’s competitive position in the market, create new business opportunities, and lead to design solutions that yield superior client outcomes. Regarded for her ability to activate organizational change, Deb has advanced value and performance as key drivers of design in our firm’s project delivery process.

With a background rooted in healthcare, Deb has overseen more than $4 billion in design solutions for healthcare systems across the globe. From repositioning service lines for academic medical centers to introducing care innovations at community hospitals, she helps organizations ensure every capital investment is aligned with an optimized business model. Her success partnering with clients around the world had made her a sought-after industry expert, frequently contributing to outlets such as the American College of Healthcare Executives, Modern Healthcare, American Business Journals and Becker’s Hospital Review.

Early on in my career, I recognized that I wanted to do more to restore dignity to the care experience for patients. One of my first professional experiences in healthcare witnessed the death of a premature infant in the midst of a busy, overcrowded neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Having to watch a couple hold their baby during their daughter’s last breaths while standing in the midst of a chaotic environment surrounded by clinicians, machines, alarms, and other parents whose children were still trying to thrive was heartbreaking. I couldn’t help but say to myself, ‘we must do better than this to mark the transition of life; whether celebrating coming into this world, experiencing some critical intervention during life, or passing from this world.’ Since that time, I found that always remembering the impact my design solutions have on people at critical times in their lives drives me to tirelessly pursue the best research and intelligence to inform decisions with my clients. Too much is at stake to do anything less.

Deb Sheehan, ACHE, LEED AP, EDAC