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Dylan Coonrad, AIGA

Creative Director


Graphics and visuals cut right to our storytelling instincts. They cue behavior, trigger emotion, elicit response and, most importantly, facilitate understanding. Because the more we understand something, the more we feel connected to it. CannonDesign's story – and by extension, our brand – is the channel through which we connect to each other and our clients. Every day, I work with our talented designers to unearth the heart of CannonDesign’s ethos and then shout it from the rooftops.

Dylan’s mission is simple: think differently, make beautifully. As a graphic designer and architect, he leads CannonDesign’s graphic design team and oversees our firm’s visual identity and approach to creative marketing. He draws on his passion for architecture’s ability to improve the human condition in his role as master storyteller, solving communication problems with stories that capture the essence of complex architectural, engineering, sustainable design and UX concepts in the context of our clients’ aspirations.

Dylan also brings new levels of creativity to projects, using transparent methodologies and tools rooted in human-centered design and business strategy with the aim of designing delightful user experiences. He collaborates with firm-wide partners and brands to tie research, ideation, market testing, and execution seamlessly together — influencing end-to-end journeys with creative and captivating nuances. He does all of this in the relentless pursuit of transformative solutions that capture the hearts and minds of consumers: compelling deliverables, dynamic presentations, interactive animation sequences, architectural illustrations, corporate collateral, infographic visualizations, and bold environmental graphics.